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Care and Support

Understandably, more and more people are not wanting to opt into expensive care homes and prefer to stay at home, for one-one care that is targeted at their specific needs and wants. We offer a non-judgemental and independence focused approach, there is no shame in needing help!

Holy Spirit Home Care can provide care and support in the comfort of your own home. We can provide support with the following in your home:

       Giving you prompts or administering  your medication. Collecting your medication, and even support with re-ordering prescriptions.

       Apply any medicated creams.

       Support and guidance with having a wash, getting in the shower, and getting dressed.

       If you have pets, we can support you with helping look after them. Whether that is letting them outside, or feeding them, we can help.

       Support to tidy away and launder your clothes, bedding, and towels.

       Meal preparation, or even just helping tidy up after preparing your meal.

       Light cleaning duties. We can assist with making sure your bed is made, pots are washed, floors are hoovered and much more.

       Shopping and bill paying. We can help collect your finances, pay your bills, go shopping and help put it away afterwards.

       Support to medical appointments.

       If you like going to social events or gatherings, we can support you to them either with full assistance, or even just being able to get you to the door.


       Lastly, we can help you get into bed and make sure your property is safe and secure.

We also offer Complex Care that can cover the following –

Holy Spirit Home care also prides itself on having a diverse workforce and can offer support to Service users where English isn’t their first language. Currently, we have Romanian, Hungarian, Polish, Welsh, and Spanish speaking members of staff.

Please contact our friendly office for non-obligatory quote today! Alternatively, if you would prefer this was done over email. Please use our Contact Us page.

Care Planning

Holy Spirit Home Care work in partnership with our services users and their families to conduct person centred care plans. Your care plan will reflect everything you want and need in your service with Holy Spirit Home Care. We pride ourselves on having a 72-hour window of offering you your care contract, to having the care started and care plan implemented.

Where needed, we make reasonable adjustments and provide support to help our service users understand and make informed decisions about their care and treatment options.

Once developed, the service users plan will be reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis to reflect any changing needs and ensure that the objectives for health, personal and social care are actioned. plan is developed with the involvement of the service user or the person responsible for managing their affairs in their best interest as identified under the Mental Capacity Act.

Family and relatives will be encouraged to participate in the Service User’s daily routine as far as is practicable and are invited to formal reviews every month. Service Users and their Relatives are always welcome to meet with a member of the team if they have any concerns. We operate an open-door policy and love the Holy Spirit Community visiting the office!

Give Your Loved Ones Quality Care You Can Trust

Holy Spirit Home care offers Domiciliary, or Care at home to older, and younger adults with many care needs.

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